Te Awanga Wine Loop
Loop from Cottage to Clifton Cafe
Ride to Black Barn​
Te Awanga Domain - beach
Walk to Elephant Hill
The Coast & River Loop
  • Left out of driveway and right onto Raymond Rd

  • At the end of Raymond Rd, right on Tuki Tuki Rd and take your first left onto Tennant Rd

  • Tennant Rd comes to a dead end and meets up with the trailhead

  • Go right on the trail

  • Continue on the trail for 11 minutes/3.6km until you come to Mill Rd underpass. Just before Mill Rd, you'll see the path fork. Stay to the left and use the underpass to get to the other side of the road. Do NOT cross over Mill Road at road level as it is very dangerous.

  • On the other side of the underpass, you'll continue straight on the trail heading towards the ocean for 5 minutes/1.5 km.

  • The trail comes to a fork.  If you go left at the fork, it the trail ends at the ocean/lagoon. If you go right at the fork you'll continue straight onto Grange Rd North.

  • Ride 330m on Grange Rd North and take a right on Haumaona Rd, go one block and take your next left on Beach Rd.

  • Ride for 2 minutes/750m on Beach Road (stay on Beach Rd when it meets up with Shrimpton Rd). On Beach Rd, you'll see the coastal path start up again on your left.

  • Ride on the coastal path for 3km/10 minutes and you'll come to Clearview Estate Winery. If you ride your bikes up the driveway and straight through the parking area to the end of it, you'll see the vineyard. There is a dirt road that continues through the vineyard for 3 minutes/950m and takes you out to Parkhill Rd.

  • Take a right on Parkhill Road and ride 6 minutes/1.7km back to Raymond Rd (Cottage)

  • Note: If you continued on the coastal trail beyond the Clearview entrance, you'd come to Te Awanga Winery. Ride up their driveway and at the end is the intersection with Parkhill Rd. Take a right on Parkhill Road and ride 2km/7 minutes back to Raymond Rd (Cottage)

  • Ride is 17km and takes approximately 80 minutes

Ocean walk to Clive
This walk takes one hour each way (an out and back along the ocean looking towards Clive).
  • Drive 3 minutes (3.5km) to the parking lot.  

  • Left out of driveway

  • First left on Parkhill Rd

  • At the bottom of the hill, go straight on Parkhill Rd for 1.3km

  • Road curves around to the left and becomes "Haumoana Rd" for 250meters

  • Then the road immediately curves around to the right and becomes "Mill Rd"

  • Stay on Mill Rd for 1km .  You'll cross over Black Bridge.

  • Right after the bridge, you'll see a parking lot on the right.  

  • Park here.  If you are standing in the parking lot looking out at the road, you'll see a path off to the right corner of the lot near the road.  It takes you across the recycling centre entrance and then a few feet through some trees to the path.

  • Take a right on the path and go for approx 1 hour.  It will wind you through an orchard and along the ocean until you get to the Clive River.  You'll see a bench at the river mouth.  You can either stop here and turn around, or walk another 10 minutes or so to the rest rooms at the parking area.